About Us

oxide systems Indonesia is a service based company from Bandung, West Java-Indonesia. Our mission is to help people to solve their problems and needs by increasing the potential that is in them.

oxide systems realize that knowledge and science is one of the most important factors for improving the quality of human life. Supported by a trained and experienced staff, oxide systems always committed to serving the best for everything we can.

to support our mission takes great people who want to work together on the following matters:


  • Open and respectful of each other and are committed to advancing each other.
  • Responsible, loyal and honest.
  • A passion to become customers and colleagues.
  •  Willingness to take on big challenges and live.
  • Self-correcting, asking, and is committed to the advancement of individual self-development.
  • Commitments, results and quality can be justified.

design, build, maintain and support all things for the good order and supported by good faith.


develop all the potential that exists to develop each individual both in terms of the company’s staff, clients and the people around us for a better living.

philosophy :

builds upon ideas, idealism, science and faith for meaningful results.


  • develop is easier with oxide systems
  • think wise!


established in 2000. stems from a home studio, teamwork students who tried to express creativity in assignments and adder allowance.

oxide (read: ox-ide) meant oxidation, combustion, which connoted the spirit, effort, and hard work.

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