oxide systems indonesia with new management is now expanding the range of service and expertise to support wider market. we have more than 5 years experienced in providing consulting and advisory, it support, business process improvement, e-commerce, customized system development, project management, professional services staffing, media publication, advertising and general trading in multiple industries; banking, retail / small medium enterprise (ukm), public sectors, and agriculture

our new value is build trade business and lead a consulting and implementation within governance practices in achieving effectiveness, efficiency work products and customer satisfaction.


  • IT Implementation
  • Business Requirements & Analysis
  • Business Process & Control
  • Business Information Framework
  • Media Publication
  • Information Assurance
  • Professional Services / Outsourcing : Project-based Staffing, Contract-based Staffing,  Off-site Staffing and Off-shore Staffing.


  • IT Implementation
  • IT Infrastructures
  • Business Process Improvement
  • E-Commerce


  • Project Management
  • Trading : CPO and its refinery

World Crypto Currencies

  • Mining rigs data center (dedicated services)
  • Maintenance services
  • Mining utilization and optimization services
  • Crypto currency mining research & development
  • Crypto currency business & market analysis

Business Partners

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